Are you waiting for your Parents Funerals..!

Parents Funerals NRI Non Resident Indian Indians Abroad
Parents Funerals NRI Non Resident Indian Indians Abroad

(A simple article on the silent agony of few NRI’s parents – Based on the True story)

Intro: Are you waiting for your Parents to die? Have you decided on the amount of time or number of days you want to spend with your PARENTS before their death? Well, I’ll take it a ‘Yes’ in few NRI cases. Because –

The increase in The ‘Hunt’ for money is directly proportional to the decrease in the ‘Time’ you spent with your loved ones(‘parents’ in this article). But an Increase in the physical distance with the same is even worse.

Actual Case: We do travel. We like to travel. We love exploring new things. This anxiety of exploring something new is the primary reason for a human to travel abroad. There’s nothing wrong in traveling abroad for a holiday or a hobby. And Some travel for their Academics and a Professional career as well.

Yes! I agree with these words ‘Quality’ ‘Standards’ etc, in terms of education, the system, and the corporate culture. This love for getting Foreignized is so deeply inserted in our veins now -a-days. It is not ending with Student Visa, it extends for work visa/work permit, then for Putting on Experience, and later for a Permanent Residence, Citizenship etc,

Despite poor background and personal as well as family’s financial burdens, few decide on taking this step and fulfill their dreams. Getting back later is up to their intelligence. One can’t comment on that rather than advising.

This Thirst extends to such a way where people start making their families abroad and will be termed as ‘Non-Resident Indian’. A proud NRI, says the society. Thus you earned a Respect, Dignity, Heritage to your Family.

Analysis: And now, who’s your Family? It’s not about those who live with you. It’s about the people who actually are the reason for your Life. Your Parents. 25′ will be the average age group of our parents when we were born. They show us immense love and affection. Since the generation changes. You will spend your entire first quarter with your Education and all. Meanwhile, your parents will be completed with two-quarters. And by the time you make your family, they’re old enough. If you are away from them at this moment, you literally are waiting for their Death, just to have a visit for their Funerals. Staying abroad with those weekly and monthly calls and a visit once in a year or couple is not what exactly they wish.

Hence, You are decided on the amount of time to spend with your parents without your knowledge; In the name of Career, Growth, and Money. The World is one crazy thing which makes you Mechanical, running with the time and money. It’s all about balancing and satisfaction.

It’s not about sticking to your motherland, it’s about staying together wherever you are in the world. We are Indians, we got a synonym, ‘Sentimental Fools’.Better Stick to it. Life’s too short, not even 99 yrs!

Conclusion: In the end, every Parent want you to be Happy! That makes them hide their feelings – to be with you, live with you, to spend that precious time with you and your kids before their FAREWELL! So, it’s up to you, if you are related to this article anyway!

`Just THINK.


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