Being Male is a Joke in Feminist India!

Being Male is Joke in India Feminism Feminist girl friend boy friend nithinroy
Being Male is Joke in India Feminism Feminist girl friend boy friend nithinroy

 Agony of Falsely Accused Men – Based on the True story

Intro: As soon as reading the title ‘Being Male is a Joke in Feminist India’, you might be a male in curious or a female on rage, let me justify the statement first. Being a Female is not safe in India, this is what most of us know very well. We all know what exactly is happening to a female from being a Girl child to a Girlfriend, Wife, and Mother in our country. But let me explain why being male is a Joke in India!

Actual Case: Feminism and Feminist are the words frequently being used by people on social networks nowadays. These words actually give us the impression of people who are in favor of women’s rights. But in reality, the word actually meant to fight for women’s rights in terms of ‘Equality’ among sexes. But not to rule over or oppose on everything with the opposite gender. A major set of women keep the term ‘equality’ aside and start criticizing Men. And, Men criticize Women. Hence, the chaos!

Fact: Because of society being Male dominant from the ages, there are many movements/agitations take place to fight against the domination and fostered awareness to seek equal opportunities for women in education, employment, and lifestyle. It was fine in the 19th century. But turned a bit unsatisfactory after the emergence of Female-biased laws or women partial laws in our country.

Indian judiciary comes up with few laws and follows with a strict implementation just to eradicate crimes on women and to punish the criminals. But most of them are actually misused according to records. And the saddest part is, there’s a significant growth in misusing of such laws. Since we were born in a country which respects women, for the same reason our society is more partial to women in every case/issue. Without a proper knowledge and communication, many people and even media will back the female with that sympathy.

Analysis: I agree on that, such laws are being implemented only because of the crimes happened against women. Like Eve-Teasing, Sexual Harassment, Dowry Harassment(498a) and Domestic Violence etc. listed under most common crimes happening against women in India. But on a rage society and media express their anger on the accused(male) initially, but no one cares about the final verdict if the accused is innocent(after a clean police inquiry). Many social and women welfare organizations, Nonprofit organizations, and Media will completely spoil the heritage and respect of the Accused family, and nobody cares in the end.

Women using such loopholes in the Law to demand and blackmail men for monetary assets or seeking revenge etc We all read headlines in the newspapers, electronic media or social media and react without a mere knowledge or the truth about a rape, harassment or any other crime. We know many women are abused in our country, we never know many Men are falsely accused in Rape, Dowry, and Domestic Violence cases. There are many live cases still running around courts and police stations as our Judiciary is very well organized(It’s not).

Conclusion: There is the court of law, police and many other welfare organizations to help the women who are abused, but there is no one to help/support the falsely accused Men. Hence, Being Male in India is a Joke!

PS: False Allegations of Abuse are ABUSE! Crime is Crime, It’s never Gender biased. Support Gender Equality – Support Gender Neutral Law “


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