Dear Nirbhaya, what according to you is a RAPE?

What is a Rape forced sex rapist erotic sex love bites
What is a Rape forced sex rapist erotic sex love bites

I know it looks insane for you to discuss on such topics. Even I felt the same in writing or posting on such things! But people, it’s better to discuss than remain quite on few minute loopholes in our system, as well as Society. I just want more people to know what’s happening around in the name of Law and Justice.

We all know what a Rape is. But there’s a thin line between a Rape and Casual lovemaking (In other words SEX). This is to explain how a simple misuse of the word in the court of law will make an innocent guy’s life miserable.

After a passionate love making/sex between couples, on the next day, if the Girl filed a Rape Case against the Guy, the Court/Police will order for Medical reports. And obviously, reports show positive. Since it’s a rape case, now Nirbhaya Act will be filed on the Guy, and Sympathy works on the Girl.

Police will take the guy to court and then to remand without an inquiry. But Police/Courts are responsible for knowing/Enquire what exactly happened, the phone n text conversations between the couple, required info from their close one’s (besties) etc Kind stuff. But this happens in late. Meanwhile, the guy’s life is miserable. He will lose his self-respect and family heritage. So obviously justice delayed is justice denied.

And in many cases, they call it a Rape when there are injuries and are very sure it was a rape. So does it mean it isn’t a Rape if there are No Injuries..? That’s the Indian Judicial System’s Logic (there are many rape cases registered with ‘No injuries’).

If you think every such injury will make it a Rape, then I don’t think terms like  ‘Erotic’, ‘Wild’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Play’ etc. might exist in the process of lovemaking.


PS: I am not here to criticize women; I’m not here to support Men Crimes;

I am here with the agenda, GENDER EQUALITY. I Demand Gender Neutral LAW.



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