Why MEDIA is the new Mafia and We people are Sexists!

Media is Mafia TRP Ratings Fake Media Hate Media nithinroy.com
Media is Mafia TRP Ratings Fake Media Hate Media nithinroy.com

Intro: In the past, our media houses with their Traditional ways used to gather and provide information in an effective manner. But in the present generation media started to live on a controversy. This era has noticed vast changes, especially in the electronic media. Instead and along with providing information, these media houses are also into creating their own controversy in the name of Social Responsibility. Adding a little pep to the news, suspense narration, and using other deadly Marketing techniques for gaining TRPs.

Actual Case: Their kind of ‘Blackmailing’ is the reason why I used the term ‘Mafia’. They target business tycoons and other organizations that are into various businesses like Construction, Real Estate, Chit funds etc and will procure all the necessary information in both Positive and Negative sides with the so-called Media channels. Later, will blackmail these giants on their flaws and offer a price, else they’ll start exposing your flaws(related to corruption)which affect your business and results in legal termination of the firm.

They use the same technique with Politicians and police who had their own flaws etc. Work for various political parties for publicity, election campaigns and gets mutually benefitted.

Analysis: Okay now, let’s see how media plays a crucial role in picturing and publicizing a sympathized feeling over a person and a harsh, brutal anger on another; if you take an example of a case you have read in my previous article related to ‘Rape’  You’ll get a clear picture of the strategy of their editors and program planners.They are more interested if the victim is FEMALE, they don’t even telecast the news related to Male Victims (mostly). We have several examples.Initially they literally rape the MALE Victim n his image with their reports n cover stories, and in the end, they don’t even care if police state the case was a fake one or even if it’s the wrong person produced or interrogated.

Instead of focusing on loopholes in the LAW these people are interested in Criticizing the Accused without knowing the FACTS. Just for making controversy in the news and to gain public attention (TRP).

Conclusion: One last thing, there’s actually a reason for great TRPs for FEMALE Victims. Society is more interested to know about the incidents related to Sexism and sexually harassed women than any other News. Because we are Sexists!

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