Six Signs! You have met your Soulmate aka Twin Flame!

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In general, you meet so many people in life as you walk through the journey. But sometimes, that one person with whom you have an intense connection may leave you in confusion. That’s what going on, you may feel that they were meant to walk in your life, and life is slotted same as before.You feel strong, deep and intense for that person who’s a mirror of your soul, and makes you the best version of you after you both meeting in your life. Know how to notice your soulmate.

Following are the 6 signs to notice the person, if your twin flames:


1-Connection:   As soon as you meet this person, you have a deep magnetism towards the person stronger than anything you have ever experienced. That will fascinate and shock you too.

2- Attraction:   You will experience an overwhelming sense of love and attraction towards each other with intense attraction; not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually you both complement each other.

3-Energy: You’re so attached together. The energy is that you have the ability to feel each other, even in the physical absence of your partner.

4-Level: You’re  surprised that how you’re connected with each other on so many different levels; Like a best friend, lover, mentor, inspiration etc, And you can even feel the voices of your partner within you.

5- Betterment:  you both work for mutual betterment; you give each other everything without expecting of receiving back. You both have an unconditional love towards each other, and that’s the nature of Twin Flame. You’ll feel each other as a divine blessing in your lives.

6- Honesty:  You are always honest with each other, there is nothing hidden between both of you.

Have found your twin soul..?  Give feedback.

With immense love and blessing

Jaya Shahani

‘Guest’ Author



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