Thanks to Testosterone and Estrogen!

Testosterone Estrogen Relationships
Testosterone Estrogen Relationships

Relationships nowadays are hilariously hilarious! You call it Love in the very first stage or even at the first sight, comparing it to a theory. It’s not a movie to visualize love at first sight in real life, as you are not the only person who stares at your crush on the roads, class or anywhere. We have a great population and public density all over the country (Kindly note this point in terms of competition).

And you only fall in love in teenage, young age or adult age in most cases! It’s obviously of those chemical imbalances caused by the release of several hormones because of the opposite gender.  Here starts the feeling where you name it to Love. This feeling will simply make you ride on cloud9. Many of us term ourselves to pure lovers and claim it to a True love. And you’ll kill the person if he/she tries to convince it to an Attraction/Infatuation.

On the flipside, as time flies you show many reasons to break with your partner at any cost but will not agree that you are bored. Here comes the term ‘Break Up’. We are in the generation where breakups are common. In fact, it seems a breakup is a mandatory qualification for your new relationship nowadays.

Yes! Here sympathy works on you after a breakup, you want people to console you on this and at the same time you’re a hunter for the next love story (voices in the head actually). Very few mentally sick people will commit on suicides and most people will pretend suicides, emotionally blackmails because we are all selfish and we don’t want to waste our lives.

Sooner or later you again fall in love with the person who consoled you, in most cases; else you’ll get a new one. And the process of breaking up and getting a new one might be a continuous one by one process or simultaneous process, Differs from case to case, until you get married. Since this article isn’t about divorces, I’ll not divert it to more complicated life stories. Else I can elaborate more on this.

You term them as few love stories in your life. You claim every story of yours to a true love. That’s the funniest part of all. You won’t agree on that, it’s all because of Lust but not love. You are unable to accept that’s an Age factor, which later you’ll agree on and will understand that Hormones are the reason for your filmy fantasies and actions the then.

I’m not criticizing anyone or anyone’s story, but trying to make you think on that we are ‘Just Dating’ a few, but not in Love with all. Lust rules over Love in the initial stage of your life but ends with Love.

So, never forget to thank Testosterone and estrogen for making your young age colorful. And cultivate well for your next generation with the final mate of yours!

Being one’s First Love is Luck, Being One’s Last Love is Life


`Just Think.



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