This is how the CASTE Feeling should be..!

Caste Feeling India Andhra Telangana Telugu Tamil South Caste Discrimination
Caste Feeling India Andhra Telangana Telugu Tamil South Caste Discrimination


What is a caste? I do not care for that definition in Wikipedia or in any other tech stuff. Basically, we have a very great value for our culture and traditions, which actually attracts a huge set of tourists worldwide. In-depth, our culture and traditions are actually divided from community to community-based on their role/work. It’s more or like various departments and categories in a ministry or an event. Our lifestyle is totally based on these departments. These departments are nothing but our communities (Castes).

Actual Case:

By the time period, rich and educated became the power houses and poor turn to slaves. Here the dominants tend to dominate slaves in every aspect until the revolution takes place. From the early 18th century the demand for Equality among people emerges and by the mid 19th century these equality movements results in competition among the lifestyles. This competition helped to a significant growth in lifestyles, where Education plays a vital role.

Because of the rapid growth in literacy rate, lifestyles, and several other factors, people predicted Equality in the future generations. Unfortunately, those predictions were failed. People remain unchanged. Few among these ancient slaves are now into power houses and dominating several ancient power houses now. Power is the only factor migrating from community to community but Situations and domination remain same.

Even after we experience great development in the Educational sector, our educated fools are unchanged and using their knowledge for the welfare associations of their own castes and creeds. If you think nativity or habitat is the reason for these circumstances, there are thousands of NRIs who are abroad and are still actively caste biased. Basically, it’s our families and society injecting the Caste’s heritage from the childhood instead of wiping off and uprooting such feelings.

This is a society which showed discrimination towards a few terming ‘untouchables’ in public and brought them to beds in secret. I am sick of tolerating these half brains and partly implemented casteism. I don’t call such stuff a loyal thing towards your community. Why not thinking of Heritage when it comes to your bodily pleasures!?

Watching all these circumstances and getting to a conclusion that the society is not willing to change, I would like to suggest a core lifestyle for these people who are drowned in their Community’s heritage.


You are marrying and choosing your partners from the same community of yours. Ok! Kids will be renamed after your community. Double ok! Now start your own school for your community, taught by your own community’s teachers including guards and cleaners. Start your own hospitals with your community’s doctors, nurses and even compounders etc. Start your own workplaces; sell your products to your own buyers. Build and Live with your own caste based gated communities. Claim your own god; build temples and even recruit your own community’s pundits. What not, let’s make everything caste biased. This how the CASTE Feeling should be!

PS: When you can’t live a life like this, you probably should not live in a present way as well.

Say NO to Caste!

`Just Think.


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