I Hate Gandhi! New Fashion Mantra



(Hating someone and disliking someone. Know the difference)

It’s been a fashion stating or shouting that you are a hater of Mahatma Gandhi nowadays. We hate many people based on many reasons. He/she might be a social person (celebrity) or a regular person in our day to day life. Hating someone because of few reasons you are not satisfied with is human nature. To hate a person we should know about the person in detail. I mean, he/she should be close to you in the past, or at least you should be alive when the person’s alive. Then there’s a chance for you to hear/listen to few facts about the person whom you think you hate.

But, in general, we are expressing our hatred towards a person by just hearing a few rumors. These rumors might be facts in some cases. Still, you can’t judge the person merely by hearing it from other people or books. It’s just that you don’t like that person. For example, we shouldn’t hate Adolf Hitler by just reading about him in books. We only heard of his negatives. We are humans we all have positives and negatives. Few retards didn’t know the difference between disliking someone and hating someone.

People who ‘think’ they hate Gandhi mostly debate on two cases. In one case people think it’s because of Gandhi India and Pakistan got separated, and they support Nathuram Godse of killing him. They don’t even know more about Godse. He was a patron of Hindu Mahasabha and he was against Gandhi’s persuasive idea of uniting 2 nations and 2 religions again. And also he used to think that non-violence is making Hindus weak and Gandhi is a sympathizer of Muslims. Practically, Gandhi is never religion biased. Mohammed Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru was competing each other for being the first prime minister of independent India, because of this, there were many religious based agitations took place which results in public chaos and communal fights. This results in separation! While Gandhi tried his best possible to stop the painful separation, yet it was painful in the end as these leaders then cannot stand on Non-Violence like him. The second case is stupid. We small brains are unable to digest that a person who led such Non-Violence and peace movements when he himself narrated in his Autobiography with all facts including his affairs with English women during his studies in England. Because of these affairs, few people thinks they hate Gandhi. In fact, you love him more so you were unable to digest such a great person of having these affairs. Hence, I termed ‘small brains’. He’s a male before being a Freedom Fighter and he equally deserves bodily pleasures like we do.

Let us keep all this bookish stuff aside! It’s not right to hate or compare people and their contributions who participated in Freedom fighting movement, while us enjoying their success with all the luxuries here. If you think you’re a better patriotic, then keep all this debate crap aside and go serve your country in a better way.

Since Mahatma Gandhi has chosen a unique way of fighting against British with Non-Violence while every other eminent freedom fighter used Violence; this made him Father of Nation and results in issuing of currency on his name. But it doesn’t mean to insult other freedom fighters like you mistook.

Loving other Freedom fighters doesn’t mean to hate Mahatma Gandhi! In simple words, he is Unique!

Conclusion: Hate is such a harsh word; never use this to any person whom you have never met in your life. When you know something from books and various forms of media trusts me they can’t gather every detail. Kindly know the difference between ‘HATE’ and ‘Dislike’, People mistake their own self in using these two words. It’s ok, we are not born English.

For Retards: If you still stand on your word HATE towards Gandhi, then please migrate to other country or stop using currency notes! The only way to show your Hatred in the right way (hilarious right)!

`Just Think.


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