How important is a ‘Virgin Partner’ to you!

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According to our culture Virginity is a Prized Possession, but most People value high in case of a woman. Throughout the ancient ages, being male dominant a man’s virginity is never a vital thing to a marriage. But they do raise eyebrows and wag their tongues in the case of a woman if not a Virgin. This kind of mentality is obviously because of our traditional values being still embedded in us.

Following are few questions; kindly question you before entering to the article!

  • Are you taking virginity to heart?
  • Are you giving so much of importance to virginity?
  • What made you have a special view on virginity?

Trust me, you need not blame your Teenage or Adulthood for your views on Virginity. There are many factors happened to you since your childhood. Let me explain you by reminding few incidents in your life.

“Virginity is not a dignity, its lack of opportunity” this is a popular saying which simply denotes the struggle of a person from his/her teenage to adulthood for getting laid. Why lacking when you can create your own opportunity? What made you resist? Why most of us are afraid to do so?

It is because of being restricted from the childhood towards the opposite gender, with a kind of fear and shyness. Restrictions in the sense – starting from parents, teachers in the schooling, and society etc pull us back in the name of caretaking.

There are few factors for children to focus more on a thing because of restrictions.When parents ignoring a TV Channel during an intimate scene and restrict you to watch such stuff, Teachers restricting you to interact more with the opposite gender. And even society will not allow mingling with opposite gender from certain age group etc.

Sex education at the high school level is very important. Teens should be taught on the difference between sex and pornography. But elders always resist them in topics and things related to porn, which results in creating the same impression for Sex and Porn. These restrictions play hard on their tiny brains, their thoughts, and feelings, and they’ll start hiding things from you. This is the stage where a majority of kids get spoiled by lack of freedom to discuss.

Here I don’t mean growing kids without restrictions. But there’s a difference in restricting something from a kid because we are so very enthusiastic and keen to know about something in childhood right!? Better handle with care!

This virginity madness is more in people who are raised in very orthodox and old-fashioned families. Many of such people actually care for an intact hymen to decide on a woman’s virginity. It’s a mere lack of awareness on various other factors causing a hymen break.  The majority of metropolitan youngsters are not so worried about this, but people from smaller towns and rural areas are still dealing with this misconception.

I agree on the ancestor’s point, first intimacy in the life with the life partner to create bondage to live a happy life ever after. But it doesn’t work out in the present era because of the modernization. I don’t know why people care for a virgin partner even after getting modernized in each and every aspect of the lifestyle and why they still stick to the old ancestor’s mindset only on this matter.

Many couples are being in love before their marriages, such relationships leading people to have pre-marital sex and most of them are breaking up for various reasons. On the flipside, both teenage and adulthood not only being in love but the generation leads them to Dating (friends-with-benefits).

People say one should be very bold to accept a non-virgin as a partner, which actually not. If you truly like a person you’ll never care about their past. There are few people who poke their partners about their past experiences every time; it shows that he/she grew up in a fool’s world.( If you were such, then please get well soon)!

Conclusion: Age factor, Modernization, and adoption of Western culture are the primary reasons for youth to experience their bodily pleasures a bit earlier. Interaction with the opposite gender has become more flexible because of the technological factors like Social Networking, where one can get a partner overnight. One cannot end this by a simple lecture or warning. By the time they reach maturity levels, they’ll get married to a new partner who turns out to be their soul mate. I have already mentioned a saying earlier –

‘Being someone’s first love is Love, but being someone’s last love is LIFE’.

Life’s all about hope. Hope for a better tomorrow with trust and honesty, than digging into someone’s past.

P.S: Deciding future with a person based on his/her virginity is foolishness!

`Just THINK.

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