Six Reasons why you should carry your Ego in life!

Ego levels five elements of life athiest nullifidian Grievous relationships society workplace Psychoanalysis conscience attitude EGO Conscious unconscious lifestyle
Ego levels five elements of life athiest nullifidian Grievous relationships society workplace Psychoanalysis conscience attitude EGO Conscious unconscious lifestyle

According to Psychoanalysis Ego is a state of a mindset that mediates between conscious and unconsciousness of a person on a particular mood or behavior. Most experts suggest us to control ego levels for a better lifestyle.  As they believe that Ego makes one’s life miserable.

Following are the six reasons why you should carry your Ego in life –

  1. Relationships: If you’re too much available for someone, there’s a chance for you to lose your dignity. Its better you keep your ego levels with you when needed.  Since it is all about relationships; too much ego also will lead you to few complications. You should maintain your standards and limits. Remember; keep your limits. Something is far better than nothing!
  2. Workplace: Ego levels with colleagues will show up based on your performance. It actually starts with jealousy and then converts to an ego. In order to deal with such stuff, you should have your own Ego backup (in other words, Attitude). Here, you should carry two kinds of ego levels. One for your superiors and one for your subordinates, if you carry same for the both, your professional career will be Grievous.
  3. Society: Dealing with society in our daily life is the worst part. In order to withstand your image among public one should keep their ego levels aside. A clean and nice impression by the society will be an added advantage to your family heritage. Meanwhile, society will rule on you and you’ll be their puppet. So, if you are against it, you should have your ego levels at society as well. This creates a kind of fear among society and develops a sought of respect (who cares if it’s positive or negative) towards you. So, they can’t rule on you. Whatever, this is the best way to face society in this generation.
  4. God: I know many of you feel a little awkward and discomfort for this reason. And a few will feel hilarious too. Still, I can’t help it. We have our own Ego wars with every god of our own religions. Be an Athiest or a Nullifidian like me, still, we have Ego levels with the so called almighty. I don’t want to elaborate more on this as this Kind of Ego happens mostly ‘inside’.
  5. Material Things: Material things in the sense, there are a few in our day to day life on which we show our anger, frustration, and ego. Starting from a TV Remote to Mobile phones etc. This is a kind of Ego, where you will show your temper on things but not the person. If at all you care for the person with whom you are angry with, I recommend you to continue showing your frustration on material things. I love this Ego!
  6. Five Elements of the Life: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Sky are the five elements of Life. Popular as Pancha Bhootalu’ in Telugu, and ‘Pancha Bhoota’ in Hindi. Its nature, better not to carry your ego levels with these as there’s no ‘Ctrl+Z’ in real life. I mean it.

Conclusion: You can escape and hide from a person of whom you are so guilty with. But you can never hide and escape from your inner conscience. Your inner conscience is nothing but your Ego. So, never compromise for others in your life. Life’s short, live as you like it. Your EGO matters! Many say EGO is no good. I say it is a Must. Rest is up to you.

`Just Think.


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