Are you practicing Yoga & taking Non-Vegetarian? You should read this!

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Are you practicing Yoga and taking Non-Vegetarian, You should read this

Yoga is an Ancient Indian Art. Yoga according to yogis is the union of the individual consciousness or the soul with the universal consciousness. Being an ancient Hindu art, most of the principles are somewhat related to Hinduism. But the science of yoga has been followed by each and every religious people in the ancient era apart from the Asanas (physical movements), but in most breathe related meditation processes. It’s no time for a debate on this now, our only topic here is if you are practicing yoga & taking Non-Vegetarian.

Introduction: According to me Yoga is never related to any God, Religion or their principles. It is our ancestor’s Science. And their set of rules is to make the future generations implement for their good living. These prime ancestors have produced many such arts and tricks for a good living based on the science, whereas the next generation ancestors for creating their own impact on the greatest Art added a Religious flavor for everything. I am not against any religion but I agree that there are a few things related to Hinduism which is incorporated in this art. Like the ‘OM’ sound for Pranayama, this is unique in its own way. One among such incorporated principles is the ‘food habits’ for a Yogi (the person who does yoga).

Subject: People being mechanical in their day to day lives running with the time, actually have no time for being health conscious. Being health conscious is of two types. One with the diet and the other is exercise. These are must for mankind but only a few are health conscious and follows a particular diet, exercise etc. Exercise is of different forms. Many are hitting Gyms a few into aerobics and Zumba centers etc. That’s Physical exercise. Diet matters for any person who exercise and actually depends on their food habits like being a vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

A great growth in technology results in a rapid growth in pollution.  So, people are heading back again establishing farms, practicing yoga, craving for organic food etc. Practicing yoga is not like hitting gyms or other fitness centers.  Every fitness center prefers Flesh in the diet because the results are too good. Yes! Even I love that; I cannot live without flesh in my meals. But I never support flesh for Yogis.

Main Case: If you practice yoga and have flesh in your diet, remember you are just exercising. It’s not yoga! Stop day dreaming of you practicing yoga! Eating flesh will never let you stretch more and effects more in practicing ‘Asanas’. You can ask me about Gymnasts who eat more flesh. If you can check on their diet there will be more fiber content and less flesh content. Since they are not into yoga they don’t need to give up on flesh, but should consume more fiber food. It is also proved that taking flesh will actually effect on our mindset, patience levels, arrogance, Laziness, decision-making skills and other side effects etc. which is highly not recommended for ‘Pranayama’.  Yogis should only have Satvik food.

It is also not that the ancestors are devotees of god and most devotees are vegetarians, and so they wrote these set of rules. It is a superstition and everything is Science. Yoga is something related to Mental Exercise which actually takes us to a spiritual path, where we believe in every human to a God and it just needs us to find the path. But the second set of ancestors incorporated Devotional values with Spirituality.

All Mantras, Japas and the name of gods are for the concentration of the practitioner during meditation and breathing levels (Inhale, exhale). Kriyas are for the inner body maintenance for healthy and clean passage of Air. Vegetarian food is for being kind to people, maintaining patience levels, purity, sensitive and flexible etc (many other factors).

But the new age Yoga Trainers actually modernized yoga. In foreigners, they prefer flesh in their diet even they practice yoga. Maybe it’s because of their food habits or might be racism. But in local trainers, it’s purely lack of knowledge.

Myself being a yoga enthusiast, I did teaching diploma and even trained a few.  I have taken Satvik diet for a year while I’m practicing yoga and later gave up on it for my food habits. My love for Flesh is eternal. This isn’t arrogance, but my commitment and respect on yoga for not practicing without Satvik food.

Conclusion: In the end, I would like to conclude that having flesh once in a week, month etc is also not recommended for people who practice yoga. You should give up Non-vegetarian if you decide to practice yoga.

PS: It is all about doing Yoga but not to toggle between giving up and taking Non-Vegetarian. The urge of leaving Flesh should come from your inside than forcefully avoiding it. You will experience the power of yoga only if you’re firstly interested in knowing about this art than to practice!

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