Liking your own posts and updates in Facebook! Right or Wrong?

Liking our own posts and updates in Facebook
Liking our own posts and updates in Facebook

Liking your own posts and updates in Facebook! Right or Wrong?

Introduction: We all use Facebook very much and even gained a great experience and command over social networking. That’s a good sign and helps in using it at various ways of communications online. But such command shouldn’t result in claiming ourselves to Social Networking experts. We are just following what these social networks allow us to do; we cannot create our own things here. ‘Liking your own posts and updates in Facebook’ a few will do this but many objects on liking their own posts on Facebook. One can try to correct our content, but there are people who try to correct us on our actions (which are predefined).

Actual Case: These People make fun of us for liking our own posts. Basically they don’t get it until n unless someone explains them in detail why we like. These advisers claim themselves to Facebook Intellectuals, and these so called Intellectuals don’t know about the ‘Edge Rank’ system of Facebook, and how it works. Edge Ranking is one vital factor in many factors related to news feed generation. Based on these rankings we get our news feed.  If our friend didn’t like or comment on our posts, he/she will not able to get our updates or stop seeing our updates gradually.

Since our posts are not reaching our friend’s newsfeed. Facebook has introduced a Ticker box, and this is where our self liked posts will show up. When we like our own post, the action will be showed in their ticker box giving them a chance to get aware of the update. So, the less known fact is that ‘Self Liking is a Strategy’.

According to me: when we can’t ‘Like’ our own status, pictures or anything we have posted, how come we publish it seeking ‘Likes’ from others? Why will we post an update without liking it at all? Its common sense, if we were not allowed to ‘Like’ or ‘React’ on our own update then Facebook would have disabled it for us.

PS: So, if you don’t have knowledge on social networks, how trending happens and on what basis does Facebook news feed works! It’s better to stay calm than making fun of people who like their own posts. It’s them who should make fun of you in real, for lacking the knowledge. Better don’t give them the chance. Stay cool;

For better reach, I recommend you to like your own posts as well;

`Just THINK.


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