Bad is the new Good; the new public mantra!

bad is the new good articles
bad is the new good articles

Intro: No one likes to be bad. We all hope for good. But in the recent times everything’s changed. I don’t know if it’s fun or a style to be bad nowadays. Not just being bad but expressing it. Yes! This is the best part. ‘Negative’ is what ruling now in everything. Be it publicity, relationships, message etc. what not everything. Bad is the new Good. And it’s the new public mantra!

History: Starting from the ancestors and their guidelines bad is bad to us and good is good for us.  Parents advice us the same, teachers educate us the same all our childhood.  A mistake once done is done and we don’t repeat it again in our childhood. That’s the result of a pure heart. But later from the teenage we do many mistakes repeatedly and knowingly. That’s may be because of exposing more to society.  So, being bad actually starts from here.

Actual Case: We are in a generation where people are not afraid of expressing the bad in them. According to various statistics and reports it is a known fact that society gets attracted for negative advertising strategies. The bad in us is the reason for that. All these years’ people use to keep it inside, but now they are expressing. Entertainment sector which has a great impact on public life is the primary reason for youth to adopt the culture, especially in our country. Back in 70’s to 90’s heroism is something related to formal things. And villainy is predicted by a cigar and alcohol. But now the times have changed, heroism is elevated by smoking and alcohol. Which obviously mean heroism is having these two bad habits, and society receiving these negative factors in a positive manner.

We all watch films based on obscene content. Filmmakers actually make a film based on obscene content and in the end they come up with a message, preaching not to lead such life. But society gives a damn about the conclusion, and love to get along the obscene content. And in relationships people used to hide their past or hide the bad in them at partner earlier. But now people are explaining them about their past relationships and even showing their true colors (bad in them) to their partner without hiding them. This particular example actually justifies my title. Instead of reacting wild and avoiding the person, partners are actually happy for their truthfulness and giving positive vibes. This is a real fun and surprise how the modern generation evolved so much searching for positivity in this negative world.

There are some popular one liners, – ‘Bad is the new Good’, ‘Bad to the Bone’, ‘Be Bad or be Dead’, ‘Be Negative’ etc. I think nowadays our society is so much into these popular quotes. So, bad is the new Good. And it’s the new public mantra!

Analysis: People do preach well in personal lives and act normal with public. So we do preach well to our family and act normal at other’s family. And they do the same with us, which actually mean we all do the same to society collectively.

Conclusion: People being bad, is for their good. That’s the reason why nobody cares for being good nowadays, as it may lead them to face bad times.

PS: According to me, being bad will help you get the best pals around you. Once they loved the bad in you. They’ll love you more after knowing your goodness. Be bold, Stay frank!

Just `THINK.


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