Fan wars; a madness in India in the name of Favoritism

fan wars chiru balayya vijay ajith dhoni dada articles
fan wars chiru balayya vijay ajith dhoni dada articles

Fan wars; a madness in India in the name of Favoritism

Intro: Favoritism, which is something very much related to everyone in the world. We all have a favorite thing, person, feeling etc for sure. No one can deny this. This is something really connected to every human being across the globe. So practically and technically this Article ‘Fan wars – A madness in India in the name of Favoritism’ is well connected to each and every Fanatic.

There are few things which are favorites for everyone. Being an Indian, I would like to share a few Favorites of any Indian here. Starting from Food, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Hobbies, and even relationships etc are the most vital factors for anyone who shows their favoritism in India.

Initially I would like to give some examples where majority of Indians do like something in common. If we take Music as a sector, many a people have many kinds of favorite genres. Still, majority of Indians do like A.R.Rahman as their favorite musician. When it comes to Sports, there a few sports and games where India represents and showcases their talent to world. Still, it is a place where Cricket is treated as a religion and so Sachin Tendulkar treated as God.

Actual Case: Apart from such common favorites among the people there is other kind of favoritism, which is something beyond the limits. If we love something, we hate the prime competitor of the product or person. I think Hate is a real harsh word to use so rather than using the words ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ it’s better to use ‘like’ and ‘Dislike’. For example if a person loves Airtel network, he directly dislikes Vodafone network. You might feel it funny, but this is what happens here. If a person likes KFC Restaurant, he dislikes McDonalds!

If we start talking about three big things like Cricket, Cinema, and Politics here; this kind of favoritism is at peaks. Starting from the Fan rivalry between three Khans’ of Bollywood to Tollywood’s Rivalry between Mega and Nandamuri hero fans and Tamil’s Vijay-Ajith’s etc. are better examples for you to understand this article! Cricket fans are like, disliking MS Dhoni if fans for Saurav Ganguly and vice versa for Dhoni fans disliking of Ganguly. It’s all with some stupid reasons and logics. Same thing happens with Politics as the opponents are obviously treated with the same manner.

I don’t understand why and what made people to do so. May be it’s because of the madness over our favorite one’s. I can guess this because I am one among such Fans out there.

The worst part of Favoritism is Fan Wars. Like a famous one liner ‘Love is blind’; here Fans love their Celebs the same way wasting their valuable time on participating in various Fan War forums. Basically it all started with some selfish fans that starts a website with a forum and ignites the fire in the fans by provoking them and driving more traffic for the website to earn money. Earlier it was on their respective fan sites, but now Facebook has replaced all such discussion boards. Now these fans are striving for Comments, Likes, Shares and YouTube Views.

Conclusion: Being a celebrity, gaining some loyal fans can make your entire family live happily ever after for generations, and it only happens in India. If you are one among such fans out there showing your love towards someone or something more than to your own family, directly makes you a LOSER!

Stop Fan Wars!

Just `THINK.


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