No Glove No Love – Importance of a Condom

No Glove No Love Importance of a Condom the creative mess advantages of a condom disadvantages
No Glove No Love Importance of a Condom the creative mess advantages of a condom disadvantages

Intro: Sex is a mandatory need for every human. Like a Cell phone, Internet, Vehicle etc., a condom is something essential for every one of us. Speaking about safe sex, the revolution of condom took place ages ago in all countries. We all know what a condom is and how it is used. There are many articles online stating the advantages and disadvantages of a condom. So obviously there’s same thing I can update you here in ‘No Glove No Love’.

That’s why I want to make something interesting here; yes! I would like to brief the importance of a condom from the disadvantages point of view.  Let me bring six of such Disadvantages to you:

  1. Mood Killer: This is a very common limitation of a condom. People are so fed up with the feeling when they need to stop it to put on a condom, as condoms take away most of the excitement. The thing which you should keep in your mind at this moment is your health. If it is fine you can have many of such erotic moments in future.  While you are facing such issues use your condoms as a part of foreplay. Keep kissing and stimulating each other meanwhile, and this keeps you ‘ON’ while you are putting it on.
  2. Lack of Practice: This obviously is the most known fact for all of us. Still, you don’t practice. So you’re paying it on bed later. The more you practice it with a condom the more you find you’ll be fond of using it. Remember, you are doing something productive to your partner here. You are saving from unwanted pregnancy/STDs etc.
  3. Allergic: A Few people are allergic to condoms because of the ‘Latex’ material used. It’s not right to avoid condoms because of this reason. There are different kinds of condoms made of ‘Polyurethane’ and ‘Lambskin’. You can use such. A bit expensive though, health is wealth.
  4. Pleasure Killer: These condoms act as a Latex barrier in between; where people complain it kills pleasure. According to few people it is a myth. I don’t think it is.  After all, the smoothness one gets through pre-ejaculation or natural fluids is way beyond to those artificial lubricants and condom lubricant. As I said in the second point, the more you practice it with condom; you can overcome the feeling of pleasure killing.
  5. Flavours: After the usage of a condom, because of the odour of latex condoms many partners hesitate for fellatio. Apart from regular condoms, there are various flavours available now in the market. Which really helps for fellatio and thus ads more interest for using a Flavoured Condom.
  6. Female Condom: Female condom is not very successful. Practically it fails to gain people’s interest. So it is recommended and better for a male partner to use a condom.

Conclusion:  As the percentage of people having sex with single partner is decreasing day by day. It is mandatory now to understand the importance of a condom. No Glove No Love!

Just `THINK.


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