Types of Establishments in Indian Cinema and their impact on the Society!

Types of Establishments in Indian Cinema and their impact on the Society! nithinroy.com the creative mess

Types of Establishments in Indian Cinema and their impact on the Society!

 Intro: ‘Establishment’ in various types have various kinds of definitions. But the Establishment what I mean here is entirely different; and is related to Cinema (Indian Cinema). Whatever the film is, first of all we audience in the theaters should understand and get into the film. That’s nothing but gaining the audience concentration and attention. In other words it is ‘establishment’; involving or pulling of audience senses into the film. So now I would like to let you know the types of establishments in our cinema, and their impact on society. This is strictly from a common man’s point of view. There are no particular set of rules or studies educated to pen this. This is entirely on my own experiences.

Types of Establishments: There are many types, but I can explain about a few on which I believe our film makers have changed the public’s interpretation, without our knowledge.

  • Heroism: This is the first and foremost establishment we should focus on. That lead actor or hero elevation scenes in our movies is something fishy since ages. I don’t know whoever did it for the first time and pictured an actor such way, our film makers are still following the same strategy of elevating lead actor to a super human even in the regular movies. Long ago this strategy worked out well, but in the present generation these actors and film makers are getting trolled on different social media plat forms.

Once up on a time the appearance of a Lead Actor/Hero is strictly formal. Be it attire or grooming, what we see is a complete Good Boy drama. It’s core formal and clean shaven. So our makers conveyed an impression of ‘Good Boy’ is only with such cool dressing and clean shave.

Now I need not to tell you about how our ancestors and elders always poke us for that Good Boy look. That’s the impact I am writing about.

  • Villainy: This is something interesting. As I said about heroism in the above paragraph, this is totally opposite to it. Our makers project villains to core bad boys. So they have the look of wicked costumes, beards, also somewhat ugly in their looks. The habits of smoking and alcohol consumption are the vital activities for being a villain in Indian cinema. They do smoke and booze in most of their scenes in the film or throughout the film.

Now again I need not to tell you about how our society turned against such looks, habits, and activities; terming them ‘Bad Habits’. Because our makers project them in the negative way, we took it in negative.  And the same happens in the positive heroism too, if the lead actor/hero is a drunkard or a smoker; our people will do it in style as well.

  • Actress: The establishment of an Actress is way too worst in our films. Despite a very few Heroine oriented and good movies, most films will show the lead actress to a sex symbol. Costumes and skin show are the two important elements here. In Some films these actresses don’t even have importance in the plot, but still plays a key role in the film for exposing etc. and makers call it a commercial element.

Every human loves sex, so obviously they love to watch. Because of such impact, if you observe the pulse of masses, they praise the lead actor for his performance, dances, fights etc. but discusses only about the amount of exposing and glamour show done by the Actress.

And this impact here created an impression that every actress is a sex toy. And is the reason why only bold girls try to be actresses, and calm ones don’t try even they’re fond of acting.

  • Other: As above three are the major factors in the establishment I am concluding the rest in brief. ‘Characterization’ is an establishment which varies from the character to character. If it’s a rich character the person will always come up on the screen with a blazer. I know this sounds funny, but that’s what happened since ages and still happening. This created an impact that only Rich will wear a Blazer!

 Next is ‘Region’, just because the film makers show the demographic behaviour of the people from a particular region, public always judge the people based on their City/Town/State etc. This created a major impact on society.

Fact: Not all Gujjus are Kanjus! Not all from Rayalaseema are Factionists! Not every Hyderabadi is a Terrorist! Not all Goans are Druggists! Not every Mumbaikar is a Don! Tamil people don’t eat Sambar 24/7 and North East people aren’t Chinese etc.


PS: There are many terrorist organizations, which include all the major religions. But society treats only a Muslim to a terrorist. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. One cannot judge that way right!?

The same way, please don’t judge people, their taste & lifestyles based on the stupid ESTABLISHMENT by our Film Makers!


`Just Think!




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