10 Tips to Boost your Website SEO

ten tips to boost your website nithinroy.com the creative mess
10 tips to boost your website nithinroy.com the creative mess

SEO is one powerful technique to make your website drive more traffic, as well as revenue. Here I would let you people know some tips to boost your website SEO. One can find such tips on the internet easily. But I would like to present in my words, based on my knowledge and little experience.

SEO is not only about on-page or off-page optimization. It is also about SEO Generations.

Generation – 1: This is a decade ago, where it is easy to rank our website in the top. Most people are not aware of this technique in those days, which results in less competition and an easy task to rank top in the search engine.

Generation – 2: This is of the Modern generation (2018). We have a great competition in the market now for any product or service etc. Also, the results do change for every second based on the efficient work done by various SEO experts for various websites respectively. So, SEO in this generation is not a cake walk.

In order to boost your website SEO in this era, these are the necessary tips to follow –

  • Content: Content is the primary factor for any website to perform well in the search engine. And, this content should be unique. One should have their own content to market their product or service etc. The information should be very clear and attractive. Content is not just about text, but images included too. Images or Infographics will help you to engage your visitors more into the content. There should not be any kind of copyrighted images. You should have your own clip art representing your product/service.
  • Key Words: Key words play a crucial part in content developing. Your content should be so well written by including the essential and necessary keywords related to our product or service. For best results you need to gather more number of keywords related to your business, initially; and then start writing the content by making better use of them.
  • Tags: Title and Meta description are the most important factors in writing tags. For better results you should include the focus key word in the title as well as Meta description. This helps Google to pull your page up when the visitor searches for that main keyword. These sentences should be easy to read and flow in smooth. Also, name and tag your images correctly.
  • Google Search Console: You should make better use of your Google search console. This is a great free tool that Google gives you. Yes! You can get all the keywords on which you are getting your impressions and clicks for. This is a far better way to find more key words which helps you to get traffic, with the help of Analytics.
  • Back links: Create necessary back links from the websites that are relevant to yours. Because Google is smart enough for not recommending your website to any other irrelevant website. If you create several thousand back links by using any third party platforms, Google will get that you have created in an unnatural way, this affects your website. So create by your own.
  • Customer Service: Always keep your contact details updated and genuine. Also, response rate for visitors’ queries etc should be very quick. In other words, a better customer service is more than enough to gain one’s loyalty and brand equity.
  • Domain/URL Structure: For a visitor to visit a website, the domain name should be catchy and grab visitor’s attention. Visitor should be able to memorize the domain name/URL. Thus, you get a quality visitor who might give you a visit back.
  • Design/Look and Feel: Content might make your website productive. But it is only design to any website will actually create a first impression with a first impact. So, one should take care of their website’s design, graphic visualization etc the website should be mobile friendly and compatible with all smart phones. This is mandatory in the present era. Many visitors prioritize websites based on look and feel. Show your creativity here!
  • Social Media: One doesn’t need any introduction to this particular technique. Social media is so much into people’s lives from the past couple of years. People are available online irrespective of their age groups. Address and link your entire social media handles to your website. Participating in the discussions in various groups and pages, also with social media campaigns, and Social Bookmarking etc plays a crucial role in pulling audience to your website.
  • Speed & Security: Place and Host your website in quality servers and high bandwidth, for effective performance. Take all the necessary security measures such as SSL certificates etc. It’s always recommended to have Moderation if your website has a discussion forum or related to any eCommerce industry etc


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